Made in Germany

About us

Naturally we conform to the very latest standards and so guarantee adherence to all the safety regulations. That applies both to production and to advice on applications. Our technical sales department works out solutions to customer-specific requirements. Challenge us and take advantage of our many years of experience and extensive production methods.

We are ready to meet growing demands, because:

  • we train your employees.
  • you can reach us from 7:45 a.m. until 4:30 p.m by phone or on site in our office
  • we keep to promised delivery times.
  • we increase your efficiency by short delivery times.
  • purchase internationally in order to be able to offer you an
  • impressiveprice/performance ratio.

We should like to draw your attention particularly to our specialities:

  • WADRA Type GSF 8 and GSS8 crane ropes and electric hoist ropes
  • WADRA hoisting ropes are non-rotating (SHI) and low-rotation (STK)
  • WADRA Cable trac are convenient, reliable and maintenance-free
  • WADRA webbing slings (EUROplus brand) have completely sheathed
  • loop and inwoven load capacity
  • WADRA round slings (brand: EUROplus) are distinguished by the inwoven
  • tonnage number and the inwoven load capacity of the various types of sling.
  • The WADRA power ratchet has 50 % more power than conventional
  • pressure ratchets.