Made in Germany

Our sling inspection service is at your disposal, even if your slings are not WADRA GmbH products.

Sling ropes and accessories, high-strength chains and component parts, endless ropes, round slings, flat lifting slings and lashing straps as well as load-holding and hoisting gear can be regularly patented by us in accordance with the requirements.

Testing can be carried out at a place of your choosing:

The advantages of WADRA Cable trac are

  • at your business
  • at the place of use
  • at our works in Dortmund

Naturally you will be issued with an accredited certificate after passing the test. We should also be pleased to repair your slings.

Inspection means to us:

  • In the case of wire rope slings, flat lifting slings and round slings inspection a dimensional and functional inspection.
  • Chains are given a visual, dimensional and functional inspection. They will also be electromechanically tested for cracks and load-bearing capacity.
  • Load-holding gear will be given a visual, dimensional and functional test. Wire rope slings, flat lifting slings, round slings, lashing straps and crossbars are tested in accordance with VBG 9a
  • Load-holding and hoisting gear is tested in accordance with BGV and BGR 500

We should be please to make you an individual quotation for the inspection of your gear.