Made in Germany

Cable Trac

Cable trac have their application in maintenance and repair, in forestry, in winegrowing, as load fastening devices and in pipeline construction. Other applications are possible.

  • The advantages of WADRA Cable trac are
  • low weight
  • slim design
  • high-quality cast aluminium housing, impact-resistant
  • low power requirement
  • pairs of clamping jaws arranged in parallel
  • low surface pressure
  • superior clamping technology
  • clamping jaws made of drawn material
  • no more need to keep spares
  • negligible wear
  • rope feed: positive opening of the clamping jaws
  • enables the rope to be easily fed in
  • wire rope wear: positive opening and closing of
  • clamping jaws means less wear on the wire rope
  • replacement of shear pins possible in any situation
  • problems caused by dirt cannot arise, because they are prevented
  • by positive opening and closing of the clamping jaws
  • 5-year warranty in acc. with VDMA
  • high quality standard – trade association-tested

WADRA Cable trac – available as 6- and 4-strand version

We distinguish model 808 (up to 800 kg traction force) for smaller applications where as model 816 (1.600 kg traction force) is used primarily in the forestry industry, and model 832 (3.200 kg traction force) primarily in steel and pipeline construction.